Monthly Archives: October 2011

Minneapolis Bound!

I’m sitting at the airport ready to head to the AASL conference in Minneapolis. My trip has been made possible by the fantastic work of my advisor, who wrangled funding from the university to pay for hotel fees and registration, and our student government reimburses students for professional development fees, including airfare. This is an astonishing opportunity, because honestly, I don’t know when I’ll next have approximately $600 to spend on attending a conference.

The array of sessions is dizzying, and the only downside is that there are so many great ones happening all at once. It’s going to be an insane three days of back-to-back sessions, social events, learning and soaking it all in, and I can’t wait. Even a nasty case of conjunctivitis combined with cellulitis won’t slow me down if I can help it!

I will hopefully be updating this blog at the sessions, and I will be tweeting to the best of my ability as well. If you’re on Twitter and are interested in what’s going on, you can follow along using the hashtag #aasl11.