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My, how Time Flies

Blink and the semester is nearly over.  One month from today, I will be wrapping up my library classes for the semester.  One month and ten days from today, I will leave for New York and fly home for a month of well-earned downtime.  Where have these eight weeks gone? It’s unreal.

Classes have gotten steadily more interesting – I daresay I now actually enjoy reference.  Children’s literature has exposed me to some great books I’ve never read before, and has reminded me of the magic of childhood.  There’s something about the sense of wonder and curiosity that kids look at the world that I find inspiring, and it makes me want to run out and start writing children’s literature if only I could adequately capture said sense of magic. Maybe one day…maybe next year. Curriculum is well…curriculum.  The professor is a lovely person, but the content feels largely pointless, and I wish that the class were structured differently.

So much to do, so very little time.  And then there’s my novel.  Which is crawling along at a dreadfully slow pace.  And then there’s my unfinished fanfic, which I desperately want to finish but can’t carve time out for just yet.  Thankfully this week is a holiday on Thursday (woot!) for Veteran’s Day, then class again, then THANKSGIVING! So very excited for that.

Crunch time is just around the corner, but I’ll make it through.  But maybe I should set up my bed first.


Three Weeks In

Time is flying by – the beginning of September seems more like a distant memory now as we approach the middle-end part of the month.  Fall is just around the corner – the weather changed seemingly overnight here.  My first week here was characterized by sweltering temperatures, minimal clothing, and desperate hopes of catching even the slightest breeze.  And then I moved into our apartment and it got really cold, really fast.  Since then, it’s been warm during the days but almost consistently cold at night, necessitating the purchase of a fall jacket, socks, and close-toed shoes.   I dread to think of what the actual fall and winter period is going to be like.

Classes are going well – there’s a sizable amount of reading to be done, but not too much work.  No long papers for the most part, but lots of small assignments and projects.  I plan on starting my field work soon for both reference and kid’s lit, and I’m looking forward to them, actually.   I’ve also signed up to volunteer in the teen room of a local library once a week on Wednesday evenings, so we’ll see how that unfolds.

It’s so funny, taking these four very different classes.  Curriculum frameworks is a very education-esque class, where we spend lots of time talking about lesson plans, activities, and are going through the state curriculum standards one subject area at a time.   Kid’s lit is my most fun class, though I’m still worried about analyzing my beloved childhood favorites from the more cynical lens of adulthood, because it can sometimes be a very upsetting process.  Reference is kind of boring subject wise, but we did have an interesting talk this week in class about drawing the line in terms of censorship and grey areas like providing pornography to young people who ask for it in the public library, and what to do if someone is surfing porn on a public computer (the answer: by the ALA’s standards, nothing, but your individual library’s policies may vary).

And then there’s Anatomy and Physiology, which is like a completely different ballgame.  Different knowledge, different skills, but comfortingly familiar.  I haven’t taken science since graduating from high school, but I’ve always enjoyed it.  Taking this class is like a nice trip down memory lane as terms and concepts come flooding back, and although I have a functional and decent self-taught grounding in the basics of anatomy thanks to my interest in massage, I’m excited to solidify that knowledge as the semester progresses.

All in all, classes are looking pretty good.  Here’s hoping the rest of the semester goes as smoothly and well.